Twitter Implements Daily DM Limits for Unverified Accounts as Part of Anti-Spam Efforts

twitter limit for direct messages (DM) unverified accounts

Twitter is set to introduce a daily limit on the number of direct messages (DM) unverified accounts can send, as part of its ongoing efforts to combat spam on the platform. The company made this announcement on July 22, positioning the move as a means to “reduce spam in direct messages.”

Though specific details regarding the daily limits have not been disclosed, Twitter states that users can subscribe to the Twitter Blue service to enjoy higher message allowances. Unverified accounts refer to those who have not signed up for Twitter Blue.

This decision follows Twitter’s recent rollout of a direct message setting, where messages from verified users whom the recipient does not follow are moved to a secondary “message request inbox.” Users who had previously opted to receive DMs from everyone were automatically transitioned to this new setting, restricting communication between non-followers unless both parties are Twitter Blue subscribers.

The platform started testing this feature in June 2023 and officially implemented it on July 14. Nevertheless, Twitter assures users that they retain the option to manually revert to the previous setting, allowing direct messages from everyone.

On July 22, Twitter revealed that this new measure has led to a “70% reduction in spam in Direct Messages compared to last week.”

Twitter Blue is a significant part of the company’s strategy to diversify revenue streams beyond advertising, and its success is crucial for future revenue growth. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, aims to revitalize the fortunes of the social media firm, which has been grappling with debt.

In recent months, Twitter has transformed several features that were previously free into premium perks for Twitter Blue subscribers. These include access to the dashboard application TweetDeck, eligibility for recommendations in the algorithmic ‘For You’ timeline, SMS-based two-factor authentication, the ability to vote in polls, and encrypted direct messages, among others.

The subscription service is available in India at a monthly fee of Rs 650 on the web and Rs 900 on mobile devices for individual user accounts. Brands and organizations can opt for the ‘Verified for Organizations’ program, which starts at $1,000 per month, granting accounts a gold checkmark and a square avatar. In India, this service is priced at Rs 82,300 per month. Additionally, organizations can affiliate individuals or entities associated with them for an extra $50 per month (Rs 4,120 per month) per affiliate account.

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